Fortnite is launching new Snowdown event challenges

Fortnite is launching new Snowdown event challenges every day for about the next two weeks here where players can earn event-themed holiday prizes if they complete some relatively easy quests. Today’s advent calendar quest is to dance at different holiday trees on the map. Five of them, in particular, and they all have to be different. I […]

Fortnitehas dominated gaming over the last couple of years

Fortnitehas dominated gaming over the last couple of years, but no one can stay on top forever. Eventually some players move on, although what that means for Epic’s free-to-play shooter is unclear. Apple even took shots at the company’s fortunes, claiming its attack on App Store payment policies is actually a scheme to increase interest in […]

How do you get free V-Bucks in Fortnite?

37 seconds ago, we have discove a new way on “How do you get free V-Bucks in Fortnite? Welcome to Vbucks Generator, your all-in-one resource and guide to all the ways of earning V-Bucks in Fortnite. You may be upset to hear that there are currently very limited ways to earn go here V-Bucks […]

Some good news for Fortnite players on iOS

This conflict is giving a hard time to the Fortnite players on iOS. They own a platform and cannot play their favorite game on it, through no fault of their own. Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers had refused Epic any right to instate the game on Apple’s App Store until they resolved the conflict legally. Therefore, there is […]

Lachlan’s Fortnite keybinds

When it comes to the biggest gaming stars on the planet, the conversation has to include Lachlan.00:1205:43 Powered by Minute Media  The Australian YouTuber boasts over 13 million subscribers, and rightfully so. His Fortnite skills are insane, and he’s incredibly entertaining and charming to boot. During one of Fortnite’s live events, The Device, Lachlan had nearly one million viewers. […]

Epic Games begins with a programming prodigy named Tim Sweeney.

The following article is a written adaptation of an episode of Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism, Slate’s new podcast about companies in the news and how they got there. The story of Epic Games begins with a programming prodigy named Tim Sweeney. When he was still in elementary school, Sweeney received an Apple II computer as […]

Doomsday event start time

Chapter 2 season 2 of Fortnite is coming to an end to make way for season 3 starting on June 17. Like past seasons of the popular battle royale game, Epic Games has planned a big in-game finale. The one-time event, dubbed the Doomsday event by players, starts on Monday at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET. Doomsday event start time The live […]