The map is in an uncommon state of flux this season in Fortnite

The map is in an uncommon state of flux this season in Fortnite. We started in a mostly post-apocalyptic Waterworld scenario, with entire subdivisions up on floaters and shark that proved a threat more or less no matter where you were. Now, however, things are mostly back to normal, and, as such, we’re going to be bouncing around in a motorboat like we’ve been doing this whole chapter. One of the week 8 challenges asks us to complete a boat time trial at Motorboat Mayhem, and I’m here to tell you where that is.

Motorboat Mayhem is in the Lazy Lake area, which is relatively unaffected by this whole flood and receding business, though it is a new area for the the season. Lazy Lake will also serve as the racetrack in this scenario. Here’s where you’re dropping:

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It’s not like a swimming or a running Time Trial, where you need to activate an icon. It’s more like the racetracks from the old map: you need to get in a motorboat near the start line, where you can see the lights that will get the race going. Just wait for the race to start and start moving through the checkpoints once it does. Once you come back around to the finish line, you’ll complete the challenge.

Normally, I’d recommend doing challenges like this a little bit after they drop, because the area will be less busy. This time, however, I ‘d recommend going as soon fortnite free v bucks generator as possible. Yes, you’ll open yourself to people ganking you for easy kills. But the first two hours or so of this challenge will mean a lake full of racing boats, and there’s something deeply cool about that, and it’s more fun than just running through this thing once on your own.

So, do that to finish the challenge. We’re moving on to the end of season now, which is actually sort of an odd thing: we haven’t had a “normal” season for a long time now, and it’s a bit strange to remember that these things actually aren’t that long. I’m looking forward to whatever world ending event comes to swallow things up next.