The craziest elevator on Roblox!

The votes have been cast and all of the winners have been announced for the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards. This year’s event was something new with the entire event taking place inside a specially created Roblox arena.

There were absolutely loads of categories for the awards and you can check out the full list of nominees per category plus the winner of each below. If you’d still like to watch the event for yourself the event is still accessible and will remain so until 30th March. If you’d like to experience the event head over to Roblox and search for Bloxy Awards.

You can also watch a recording of the event in the video below:

Nominees and winners by category:
Best Breakout Game
Ninja Legends (Scriptbloxian Studios) WINNER
Zombie Strike (Good Ape)
Bad Business (Rudimentality)
Best Showcase
Toyokawa Inari Shrine – Showcase (nezko) WINNER
ROliday 2019 (younite, kijineko, popipepper, dev0mar, zoebasil)
Paris {SHOWCASE} (SetDefault1)
Best Sound Design
Arsenal (ROLVe Community) WINNER
Royale High (callmehbob)
Adventure Up! (Ready, set, play!)
Best Sleeper Hit
Adventure Up! (Ready, set, play!) WINNER
The Wild West (Starboard Studios)
Rogue Lineage (Monad Studios)
Best Use of Tech
World // Zero (RedManta) WINNER
Teleportation portal demo (EgoMoose)
Starscape (ZolarKeth)
Mobile Game of the Year
Welcome to Bloxburg (Coeptus) WINNER
Tower of Hell (YXCeptional Studios)
Ninja Legends (Scriptbloxian Studios)
Best Game Trailer
Adventure Up! (Ready, set, play!)
Arsenal (ROLVe Community) WINNER
Vehicle Simulator (Simbuilder)
Credit: Roblox Corp
Roblox Video of the Year
The craziest elevator on Roblox! (ItsFunneh)
THE FINAL FOUR FINALE – RB Battles Championship for 1 Million Robux! (Roblox Battles) WINNER
Roblox Song ♪ “Be With You” Roblox Music Video (LOGinHDi)
Best Game Update of the Year
Jailbreak (Badimo)
Mad City (Schwifty Studios)
Adopt Me! (DreamCraft) WINNER
Best Video Content Creator
Xbox Game of the Year
Murder Mystery 2 (Nikilis) WINNER
Roblox High School 2 (Cinder Studio)
Mad City (Schwifty Studios)
Developer/Studio of the Year
DreamCraft WINNER
ROLVe Community
Game of the Year
Adopt Me! (DreamCraft)
Royale High (callmehbob)
Mad City (Schwifty Studios)
Welcome to Bloxburg (Coeptus)
Arsenal (ROLVe Community) WINNER
Builderman Award of excellence
Dungeon Quest (vCaffy and Super Striker League by Cinder Studio) WINNER

Credit: Roblox Corp
The winners of the following categories will be disclosed in a blog post at a later date:
Best Role-Playing Game
Sakura High (Tsunmae Games)
Royale High (callmehbob)
Dragons’ Life (Shyfoox Studios)
Best Single Player Game
Before the Dawn II: Night Shift (Before the Dawn Official)
THIS IS NO SIMULATOR! (TheLoneNeighbour)
Alone in a Dark House (iTamago)
Best Round-Based Game
Tower of Hell (YXCeptional Studios)
Murder Mystery 2 (Nikilis)
Arsenal (ROLVe Community)
Best Tutorial
Restaurant Tycoon 2 (Ultraw)
Bee Swarm Simulator (Onett)
Zombie Strike (Good Ape)
Quirkiest Game
Swing (boatbomber)
Dancing Parrots (Radalkcor)
BIRD (Jckson!)
Favorite Map
World // Zero (RedManta)
Dragon Adventures (Sonar Studios)
Mad City (Schwifty Studios)

Credit: Roblox Corp
Best Lobby
Tower Defense Simulator (Paradoxum Games)
Rumble Quest (Rumble Studios.)
Adventure Up! (Ready, set, play!)

Best GUIs
BIG Paintball! (BIG Games™)
Sakura High (Tsunmae Games)
Boxing League (kenami)
roblox robux generator Community Contributor
Best Incubator/Accelerator Game
Most Concurrents
Most Visits
Most VIP Servers Sold
Most Improved
“Game You’ve Spent the Most Hours Playing” – Highest Total Playtime
“Roblox Everyday Award”